Dr. Alt's Background

With more than thirty years' experience in medicine, Dr. Alt offers manipulative medicine, sports medicine, cranial-sacral manipulation, pain management, and ultrasound-guided prolotherapy to help restore the body's functions. She has evolved her practice to include natural medicine, nutritional therapy and hormonal balancing using bio-identical (natural) hormones.

Dr. Alt is board-certified in family medicine, holistic medicine, anesthesia-pain management, and sclerotherapy/prolotherapy and is board-eligible in emergency medicine. She has consulted with pain clinics across the United States. Dr. Alt played basketball at Mizzou and in the Womens Professional Basketball League during its first year of formation.

Dr. Alt attended medical school at the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in Kirksville Missouri, the founding school of osteopathy. She was president of her medical class. Dr. Alt retired from the Army Reserve Medical Corp after serving 20 years.